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All our products are from original equipment manufacturers. You can find with us products for old machines as well as for newer generations, for small home use printers or faxes as for big format machines.
We have 4 classifications for our boxes, from perfect condition to cosmetically damaged exteriors of the box on which you can save even more money.
  • A grade - it is the perfect, undamaged box with no writing, no labels, or tears; looks like from the Manufacturer's shelf.
  • B grade - has 1 or 2 cosmetic imperfections on the box, that being a label sticked or a dented corner or a minor writing on the box.
  • C grade - has 3 or more cosmetic imperfections, might have a hole in it, more mailing labels, lots of writing, torn skin but the product inside is intact and sealed. It is important to know that our C grade is still the unopened box (boxes that have the pull-tab, is NOT removed).
  • D grade - is the opened box. Could be the perfect or bad-looking box but the product inside is sealed and in new condition (unused).
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There are several ways to find the perfect fit when you're looking to replace your printer ink cartridge.
Some kinds of printers may accept different types of cartridges while others do accept only original replacements, so you'll have to check at first to which category your device belongs.
MySupplyShop simplified the process. All you have to do is just insert in the search bar the model of your printer, and you'll receive the entire list of products available in stock that are compatible with your model of printer.
There are a few steps to be taken, in wish to keep the printer in good health.
Don't forget that each machine may have its own cleaning instructions.
! Safety first ! Put on a pair of suitable gloves, so the ink or any other particles won't get on your skin.
  1. Take off the cartridge (On some models you can get out the cartridge only when the printer is on, while others may show on the screen something like "Switch off to remove the cartridge")
  2. After you had removed the cartridge, clean the printhead, and the cartridge housing as well, there is always some dirt stuck on it. (To clean those you can use paper towels and some window cleaner spray.) Pay attention to the details and softly remove all the ink excess.
  3. Make sure that you have cleaned the ribbon, it should be cleaned every few weeks (if you are using often the device). This is an expensive part of the printer so act gently.
  4. To ensure the device's smooth work, a couple of oil drops should be applied to the stabilizer bar and dispersed manually.
  5. In the end, all you have to do is to return the cartridge to its place in the printer, and the work is done!

It is preferred to ask an expert to perform all the cleaning / replacing works. Let the professionals do their job.
  • The device's speed may be slower than you need or you may be in hurry.
    Don't try to pull out the paper sheet.
  • While the regular cleaning or replacement process something goes wrong it is always better to call an expert to help you.
    Don't try to enforce the device, you could harm yourself.
  • Setting the device may be a problem for many of us.
    Call a specialist or ask for the help of a knowing person in this domain, in case you could not find the guide manual, or you don't understand what is written in there.
It is absolutely normal to shop online. There are a lot of laws that will guarantee the safety of your goods and your money as well no matter if you buy or sell online.
The main PRO online shop is that you save your time. You could be at the office preparing the next day's presentation.
Another untold advantage of online buying is saving money. You can explore the entire market and choose the best price, that in fact may have a free delivery option as well.
With an online order, you can get everything you want while staying safe and far from the crowd.
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